B-II Litter

from parents tested for form and performance

2022-07-18 Week 11

The B-II litter flew all the way to the north of Lower Saxony, to Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, to North Rhine-Westphalia with hunting in the Hunsrück and to Hesse.

Basko and Brage will stay with us until further notice and will begin their training with us.
We wish the dog handlers a lot of joy and success in training with the young dogs..

2023-07-18 Day 69

Our Birka has now gone into the hands of good hunting and experienced dog trainers. We are excited to see where the journey is going..
Basko is still with us, we are still looking for a hunting home for him, if you are still looking for a very balanced male, Basko is a good choice.
If you are interested, please contact us: 0173-6975388

2023-07-11 Day 62

Our proud Birka. With a probability bordering on certainty, this female dd will become a very good and hard-working hunting companion.
If you are interested, just call +49 173 6975388.

2023-07-11 Day 62

This is where Basko shows his best side. The calm radiating puppy male is still looking for a hunting home.
If you are interested, just call +49 173 6975388.

2023-07-04 Day 56

Today was the visit to the vet. The puppies have received their first vaccination.

2023-06-23 Day 45

Today Birka and Basko present themselves.

2023-06-19 Day 42

litter presentation


2023-06-12 Day 36



2023-06-09 Day 32

Two of the three brown males playing.


2023-06-07 Day 30

The excursions are already going outside into the countryside


2023-06-01 Day 23

The first food at the counter. As if they have always done it this way in their lives.


2023-05-27 Day 19

The puppies grow and become more and more agile, the adventurous ones already go for first trips outside of their box.


May 8th, 2023, on the 63rd day of pregnancy, the B-II litter was born. Our Yessi has again shown to be a great and instinctive bitch and completely independent 11 puppies born. There are 5 males (2 brunch / 3 bay) and 6 bitches (3 brunch / 3 brown). 
We are very happy!

On 06.03. Yessi vom Ostetal was occupied by Billy "Bautz" von der Moorheide

There are still a few puppies available. If you are interested in a puppy, please contact us by phone or email/contact form.