Our Litters

A-II Litter

In the night to March 18th 2022, a healthy new litter dropped without complications. This is our A II litter from Yessi vom Ostetal ZB.No.: 233364, served Captain II vom Schaar ZB-No.:240662.

Souvereignly and with unerring instinct, Yessi delivered 9 healthy, strong puppies (3 male, 6 female, all color brsch.).

B-II Litter

parents tested for form and performance

In the early afternoon of May 8th, 2023 until the early morning hours of May 9th, 2023, Yessi vom Ostetal ZB.Nr.: 233364 brought in her instinctive way and without complications 11 puppies into the world. The litter fell to Billy "Bautz" von der Moorheide ZB.Nr.: 242213. 5 males to 6 females, the color distribution 5 Brsch and 6 brown with markings.