History of the Kennel


Reiner Wedemeier, GrĂ¼nder des Zwingers DD vom Ostetal

I am Robert Große, born in 1980, an active hunter with passion and since my first contact with hunting dogs many years ago, I have been convinced of the Deutsch Drahthaar.

Unfortunately, after year 2021 my mentor in matters of hunting dog breeding and training and breeder of my Deutsch Drahthaar dogs died after a serious illness, I saw it as a kind of inner calling to continue this work and to take over the kennel and to start a new chapter in the history of the kennel vom Ostetal with my family.

It was founded by Reiner Wedemeier in 1976 and he was privileged to be able to name the puppies from his litters from A to Z. Since then, many excellent dogs have emerged from this breed, which have made a name for themselves with their calm, balanced nature and their pronounced passion for hunting.
Reiner bred on a dam line for over forty years, a tradition I am proud to carry on!

So, our A II litter is a continuation and a new beginning in equal measure and I'm looking forward to the future!

JGV Stade in memory of Reiner Wedemeier

Outstanding Performances

Yessi vom Ostetal

VJP 79 Pkt. Spur 12
Hegewald in Billerbeck 2018
230 P. Spur 12,sg/sg
VGP 2018 Sieger mit  I. Preis u. 336 Pkt., Siegerin

Wasko vom Ostetal

Hegewald Riesenbeck 2014:
36. Platz
VGP I. Pr.,  348 Punkte Sieger

Wanja vom Ostetal

Hegewald Riesenbeck 2014:
26. Platz,
Spur 12

Scheich vom Ostetal

Hegewald Grömitz 2004:
9. Platz

Rommy vom Ostetal

Hegewald in Ulm 2001
218 Pkt. Ente 12, VGP Stöbern o.E. 4h, später Vbr.

Matscho vom Ostetal

Hegewald Magdeburg 1993:
6. Platz (punktgleich mit  dem Suchen-Sieger
Spur 12

Diana vom Ostetal

Hegewald Wiesmoor 1984:
5. Platz (Spur u. Ente  = 12)

Collo vom Ostetal

Hegewald Schifferstadt 1982:
2. Platz, sg/sg

Banja vom Gantersee

(Artus vom Ilsmoor, Tochter und Stammmutter)

int. Zuchtausleseprüfung 1979 in Seefeld
Kadolz/Zwettl Österreich: 
5. Platz, sg/g